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Monday, November 29, 2010

Owl from Dylan 29.11.10

Dylan bought me this owl today he is absolutely gorgeous.
I love it when your kid buys you something for no other reason than he thought you'd like it. Not a birthday or Xmas just a small I love you :))

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

North Korea Heralding 'The Brink of War'

North Korea warns of 'brink of war' 26.11.10
Pyongyang warned Friday that planned U.S.-South Korean military drills are pushing the peninsula to the brink of war. North Korea's state news agency said the war games planned for this weekend involving South Korean armed forces and a US nuclear powered aircraft carrier in waters south of Tuesday's skirmish between the two Koreas are a reckless plan by "trigger-happy elements" and that the maneuvers target North Korea "The situation on the Korean peninsula is inching closer to the brink of war," the Korean Central News Agency said. "Gone are the days when verbal warnings are served only. Now, the army and people in North Korea are "greatly enraged" and "getting fully ready to give a shower of dreadful fire," the news agency said. "Escalated confrontation would lead to a war, and he who is fond of playing with fire is bound to perish."

With North Korea having Nuclear Weapons I find this TOO unsettling for my tastes. Hopefully it will all blow over or settle down and just be a 'disturbance' between the two countries.
When will man learn? We know the damage of nukes and chemical weapons, yet most countries still have them. I am so proud Australia is a Nuclear Free Country. The rest of the world need to grow up realise we are in 2010 and there are other ways besides nukes and chemical weapons.. I pray nothing comes from North Korea. Below is a map of what countries have nukes.

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And have a great weekend everyone...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

White Ribbon Day 25.11.10 Do your Part..

New court to deal with family violence

The ACT Government will create a dedicated court to deal with family violence matters.

The announcement coincides with White Ribbon Day, a national campaign to prevent violence against women.

Attorney General Simon Corbell says the new court will formalise the Territory's existing family violence court list.

"The establishment of a dedicated family violence court will put into law the operation of this very effective service in the Magistrates Court and guarantee its ongoing provision to future victims of violence as well as the perpetrators," she said.

The Oath: I swear never to commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women.

You can swear to by going to http://myoath.com.au/

Violence Against Women
In Australia, one in three women will be assaulted or abused in her lifetime. These women are our mothers, our girlfriends, our wives, our daughters, our colleagues and our friends. How have we allowed this to occur?

Not only is it unacceptable for this violence to take place, it is unacceptable that we allow certain behaviours and attitudes to go unchallenged.

Some of us experience violence first hand. Others hear stories of violence against women. Others observe it or look on from afar. The worst part? We remain silent.

If we are to move our society forward and prevent violence against women from occurring, we must speak out. We must take action to challenge attitudes and behaviours. We must not remain silent.

The White Ribbon Campaign is the only national violence prevention campaign, and it is unique in that it aims to raise awareness among Australian men and boys about the roles they can play to prevent violence against women. The campaign calls for men across Australia to speak out and take an oath. An oath swearing never to commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women. The campaign culminates on White Ribbon Day (25 November) each year, when men and women across Australia are called to wear a white ribbon or wristband as a visual symbol of their commitment and oath.

In swearing and wearing a white ribbon, men and boys can act as positive role models and advocates for change by challenging behaviours and attitudes that have allowed of violence against women to occur.

The White Ribbon Campaign in Australia is led by more than 1000 White Ribbon Ambassadors. Ambassadors are men who are leaders in their careers, sporting code or communities and who actively support the White Ribbon Campaign, and encourage other men and boys to become aware and engaged in the campaign. Women also support and expand the campaign through their networks, workplaces and community organisations, as White Ribbon Champions.

What the White Ribbon Represents

In 1999, the United Nations General Assembly declared November 25 the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (IDEVAW) and the White Ribbon has become the symbol for the day.

Wearing a White Ribbon or Wristband on or around White Ribbon Day lets others know that you've taken action to stand up against violence against women. Selling Ribbons or Wristbands demonstrates your school, workplace or community's commitment to ending violence against women. Selling Ribbons and Wristbands can also be an easy way to add a fundraising element to your corporate or community events.

  • It means that this man believes that violence towards women is unacceptable.
  • It is a visible sign that the wearer does not support or excuse the use of violence against women.
  • Everyone can show their commitment to ending violence against women by wearing a white ribbon.
  • Proceeds from purchasing a White Ribbon go towards changing community attitudes through high impact awareness campaigns.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Unofficial Work

For years I have been searching what to do with my free time. I have had various career paths in the past, some were rewarding some not. But I find the things that make me happiest are really simple:-
1. Family, Friends and Loved Ones.
2. Music
3. Photography
4. Reminding others of the divinity all around us.
5. Creating works of art in various forms.

So I have joined them all together here, to make a Blog that inspires and feeds your soul, emotionally, aesthetically, visually, spiritually, affirmingly and musically.

I will continue to share the things that change my world and I hope they will alter your perceptions a tad also. Together I hope we can all benefit from this Blog in way or another.

If so inspired please share this blog with friends so I can reach anyone who needs to feed the soul on some level.

Namaste and with Love,

Untold Story

Have a great weekend everyone...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou

A free bird leaps on the back of the wind
and floats downstream till the current ends
and dips his wing in the orange suns rays and dares to claim the sky.

But a bird that stalks down his narrow cage
can seldom see through his bars of rage
his wings are clipped and his feet are tied so he opens his throat to sing.

The caged bird sings with a fearful trill
of things unknown but longed for still
and his tune is heard on the distant hill
for the caged bird sings of freedom.

The free bird thinks of another breeze
and the trade winds soft through the sighing trees
and the fat worms waiting on a dawn-bright lawn and he names the sky his own.

But a caged bird stands on the grave of dreams
his shadow shouts on a nightmare scream
his wings are clipped and his feet are tied so he opens his throat to sing.

The caged bird sings with a fearful trill
of things unknown but longed for still
and his tune is heard on the distant hill
for the caged bird sings of freedom.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Favourite Quote

My favourite quote stands true no matter what situation its applied to..


Overhaul of family law gives children priority

Shayne Neumann, with 20 years' experience in family law, says the planned changes released yesterday are a fundamental shift away from the interests of parents back to the interests of children.

''Children are not chattels and these changes recognise that,'' he said.

The Commonwealth Attorney-General, Robert McClelland, and NSW Attorney-General, John Hatzistergos, released an outline of the proposed changes.

They radically alter the approach taken in 2006 under the Howard government, which changed the Family Law Act to emphasise shared parenting.

The 2006 laws were championed by men's rights groups and were seen to better serve fathers seeking access to children after divorce or separation.

Crucially, under the proposed changes a court would be forced to put a child's protection from potential abuse above all considerations, even the child's right to have a relationship with both parents.

Mr Neumann, the Labor member for Blair, said the push by fathers' rights groups had driven the law too far towards parents' rights.

Under the changes, family violence would be redefined to recognise forms other than assault, sexual abuse or sexual exploitation.

The new definitions include a long list of criteria, including any behaviour that torments, intimidates or harasses a family.

''If a child is being forced to clean up blood after mum has been hit, for example, I believe that is a form of violence,'' Mr Neumann said.

He said a secondary effect would be that mothers would be protected from violent partners because they would be restrained from having relationships with anyone who posed a threat to the child.

''I think these changes will benefit everyone because, ultimately, they will lead to better parenting from both mothers and fathers.''

Mr McClelland said he wanted laws ensuring child safety concerns outweighed the need for a child to have a meaningful relationship with both parents.

''The courts will be required to have regard to, first and foremost, the welfare of the best interests of the child.''

The draft legislation is open for public comment until January next year.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Angus and Julia Stone - An Aussie Phenomenon

I have fallen in love with this brother and sister duo hailing from the Great Southern Land (Australia). They won big at the 2010 Aria Awards and are setting the world ablaze with their unique sound and music. A type of music hard to describe Indie/Blue Grass/Hippy maybe with yearning lyrics. Their music seems to touch anyone who hears it.
A Link below to their big hit in you tube - hope you all enjoy it..

Friday, November 5, 2010

Touched By A Dove

FCKH8 - Fuck Hate on Gay Marriage

This has struck a chord with me. Some could say I'm biast because I have gay people in my family, but I have thought about this a lot. God so loved us he created us in his own image. He is the almighty. So wouldn't he have not made gays if it were evil or a sin?

Does God encourage us to hate others? I have never read that in the bible! One of the 10 Commandments Respect Thy Mother and Father, now that must include if they are gay too?

This is the 21st century and any person on this planet should have the right to live their life as they see fit (as long as they don't hurt anyone in the process).

Gay people can be any class of person, white collar, blue collar etc, does it mean they are sick and would have sex in front of children? No!

Does it mean they should have no legal rights? No!

Shouldn't they have the right to be listed as family on hospital records etc? In some cases because they are not family they may not be allowed to see their dying partner at all. This has become ridiculous.

Being Gay is not a disease and quite frankly its not a choice. You are born that way. It does not make you a bad person or a sicko. You are still a human being and you deserve the same amount of respect as any other.

You deserve the right to get married to the one you love legally as well as emotionally. You deserve the right to adopt or have surrogate children and a family of your own.

You deserve the right to legally be like another other married couple allowed to share all in any legal capacity anywhere, including banks, home and hospitals.

If you don't like gays, or hate gays you are racist, as surely as if you hated another nationality. This negative thinking is so over so old fashioned.

The way so many oppose gays and gay rights and gay marriage is the exact same as a witch hunt. If you don't think gays deserve equal rights you are nothing but a hater. I have no time for haters who are nothing more than bullies and control freaks. These gays are people! Not animals and not unworthy in the eye of God. They are here on God's Earth created by him (allowed to exist at all) and therefore we should treat with normal respect and understanding as we are supposed to 'Love Thy Neighbour'. Surely every man is created equal (the American Constitution) so why the hell does the world not act that way?

Anyone condemning gays because God doesn't like it is NOT very smart and obviously do not know the bible at all not one little bit. Most churches in the world have gay parishoners they may or may not be out but they are there. So why do people say they are wrong and sinners?

I do believe gays have as many rights as any other free person in this world and they should have the right to marry as any couple does.

If someone does not believe this, then they are frauds, fakers and should keep their opinions to themselves. Gays have every right we do and should continue to have those rights. Its time for the general populas of the world to wake up and allow gays equal rights and equal opportunity.

I am not a racist, I am not a bully, I am not a hater, I believe gays are human beings and therefore equal in God's eyes so I am for Gay Marriage and I love the website FCKH8 and recommend that anyone go have a looksy there and support the Gay Marriage cause..


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Quote for Court Tomorrow

“I can be changed by what happens to me. but i refuse to be reduced by it.” - Maya Angelou

Monday, November 1, 2010